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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase:


1. Hesitated
Started ~2 mins after the mass start. I think this was an advantage, as I am told there was a long line at the single punch here.
2. Straight at it, kept hill on rt., saw cairn, but contoured too much to the rt and had to turn downhill with a flood of runners off the trail.
3. +01:15stayed on countour but pulled up in early (dry) big re-entrant. Then went over spur. The trail extended farther downstream. Took it up to control. Saw Tim Gilbert here.
4. Straight off trail bend, across trail keeping it on rt. Saw Francis Hogle.
5. Not thinking clearly
Made a 180 out of the beerstand. Trail to re-entrant, traverse hilltop through saddle and in. There doesn't appear to be a "drunk" selection in the "reasons for lost time" selector.
6. Straight over spur. Punched with Ted Good.
7. across top of reentrant and over spur. Saw Danny Walker on trail junction.
8. straight line, across spur, down dryditch
9. ran ridge on bearing. Saw Greg Walker and Ken.
10. Saw Brad on the way to the beerstand.
11. straight over top of hill then down spur.
12. contourish into reentrant, acros trail to hilltop on trail, contoured hilltop to end.
13. Straight, down re-entrant, up dryditch and over spur. Met Pam here.
14. +00:40Contoured, bounced off trail into earlier dryditch. Pulled up. Pam ran back to trail. I followed, said "trail" and went back down. stopped when too far from trail, saw pam vectoring and then saw control in the next ditch.
F. Punched 14 with Pam. Knew she could out drink me, so I sprinted in :)

Total Time Lost - 00:02:55

Split Analysis

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