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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Brown 1


1. +00:30Plan was to follow wash and keep track of bends but the sandy wash was like running on a beach. Ran to the N side and watched bends but recent rains may have changed course. Lost track and went off a bend too soon into a reentrant with a tree at the end. Perfect except no bag. Hmm! Realized was short and continued on to bag.
4. Caught up to J0hn Pascal at 3 and was just after Peggy who had the same leg. John went straight down and up the reentrant. Peggy headed R around top of the reentrant which seemed like a great idea. Then down spur and into bag.
5. +05:30Left 4 in a rush. Turned and saw a steep hill which didn't seem right. Headed L around nose to go up reentrant and straight into a hillside of catclaw. Picked a way through and then up to side of spur out of the cc, to road to N of a hilltop and down into reentrant to void! Reentrnat lined up right but...Finally figured error and headed NW up and over next spur anddropped down to bag.
8. Low or straight? Low - SE toward road, hit a jeep track heading in right direction, hit road to T, NE over 2 spurs and into reentrant to bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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