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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Orange 1


1. +00:20I decided to take the stream until I hit the control since I didn't want to biff on the first one.
2. Got out of the wash and went right until I found a re-entrant and followed it.
3. +00:15I went over the hill and looked around. It took me a bit and I almost didn't hit it, but I finally got lucky.
4. I accidently aimed off, but I saw the ditch in the ground and the big tree which was on the map, so thatwasn't bad.
5. I went to the junction of the road and the telephone poles and shot off from there.
6. I aimed for the stream and followed it to the control.
7. I went to the top of the hill, past the telephone poles, and down to the tree were it was.
8. Again, I hit the stream and followed it to the control.
9. Went to the fence and followed it until I hit the opening.
10. I didn't count my re-entrants carefully, and I didn't look at the number, since I saw someone else hit it so I mp'd
11. Came out of the re-entrant and saw it.
F. Flew home like a little birdy.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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