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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Orange2


1. Shot off from the road curve and into the depresion.
2. Fell into the stream and found it easy.
3. Went up and down for a while, but esily found it because I counted re-entrants.
4. This wasn't fun. The terrain went up and down a couple times and there were those bushes that catch onto your pants. It was nasty, but I hit it OK.
5. I stayed in the valley and counted re-entrants on my right and found it.
6. I found the campers area near the intersection and worked off of that.
7. I ran across the fields and looked in re-entrants. I was agressive becasue I would have been caught by the road if I went to far.
8. I looke in a couple of re-entrants for this one, but I eventually found it after finding a control that wasn't right.
9. I dropped into the stream and followed it until I found the cliff.
10. I crossed the road and went into the "valley" which had an obviouis re-entrant were the control was.
11. +00:45I had some problems with this one because there were a few controls in this area that I checked, so I lost a significant amount of time.
12. Ran down the road to hit the control between the trees.
F. Zipped like a F-16 to the Finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:45

Split Analysis

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