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Race Evaluation

Ramblers OC (Montreal), Morgan Arboretum: Long snowshoe


1. W on road, N on trail but hesitated too much approaching pit
2. took squiggly trail & learned that snow today was deep, soft and slow even while following elephant tracks
3. set my own track cross field to elephant track then climbed barbed wire & pushed through thorns
4. trails, knowing not to cut short across pasture just before control
5. Things got slower as I was frustrated trying not to ruin ski trails across the golf course. Slowed down too much approaching control.
6. I took zigzag elephant tracks all the way to traill which hosted #6 but then had to go SW some distance
7. Elephant tracks again to SE snowshoe trail, going off trail relieved any guilt regarding ski trails. Nice long run down snowshoe trails, thinking about upcoming national champs.
8. Tricky route: NE to ditch trail then along ditch to E trail but stopped short of field upon seeing large dogs in the dog walk area. Messed around on signed but unused trails.
9. I set out through deep snow straight W to join N trail to control but twice hesitated at other knolls en route.
10. elephant tracks
11. W then N on unused trail to winter road and run all out
F. hard run to chalet and right in the door with snowshoes still on

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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