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Race Evaluation

QOC Bowie: Red


1. Went round bottom of green and then went off a path that put me in too early
2. Got caught up in brambles heading down the slope. Ended up tip toeing through to minimize snags on o-suit!
3. Clean
4. Probably went the wrong , long, way around but control was easy coming off the Merkel trail
5. Clean
6. Clean
7. Went a bit right to start leg but otherwise clean
8. Clean
9. Clean
10. Drifted a bit south and had to go back north round the first lake
11. Round the paths then cut in to get through the bumps and then south to control - clean
12. Round the path and saw control just in the woods
13. Hesitated before going through the water, ended up with heavy feet for a while as bottom was very muddy
14. bit hesitant and was a bit left going to control
15. Not paying attention to compass and ended up one pond to far south , realised and went back to control
16. Out to path then back in for the control
17. Silly mistake - ran off path bend and past first hill kept going but had drifted left and vegetation was much greener than map showed, went back to control then doglegged out of it to avoid the thicker stuff
18. Path
19. Clean
20. Clean
21. Round path but hesitant checking that had right control number. Cut in and saw control
22. back east to path then round to cut in point, but chose to cut in too early and got turned round by particularly murky bit of water
23. clean but hesitant along the ridge
24. Clean along the path, last year the path was nearly 3 feet under water!
25. unpleasant leg round the brambles but then control was among the thorns - as usual slow and non commited getting through the thorns
26. Round the paths once got up out of the thorns for the last time.
F. Hacked out towards path then to finish

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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