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Race Evaluation

BAOC Local, Annadel: Brown


1. Bad compass work
This was a run/walk the day after a 50-miler. Stood for a while at the map crates trying to fit the 11x17-sized map into an 8x14 plastic bag. Lost most of the contact with the map soon after I departed the start triangle. Drifted out to an orange control 75 m S of mine, relocated immediately. This was the area I lost quite a bit in in 1997 (the other two places were the famous Distortion Hill and some man-made earthworks near the finish. The day was voided.)
2. Did not read control description
Snaked erratically through the patches of yellow among the dark green. At normal speed, I wouldn't have been able to read all of this stuff, but at close to walking, I could. I could also see that there was a sizeable compression in the map in the E-W direction (recall, Distortion Hill) but all the clearings and thicket boundaries were there. Missed the control to the right/too far as I didn't know what the green X's meant. They were firs. I was looking for a rootstock. I found a bag.
3. Actually ran this one.
4. Ran this one, too (took the high trail route; did you call this leg a route-choice one, George? not too much of that if all routes go essentially straight). Mtn bikers on the trail looked curious.
5. Contoured, went through a clearing half-way through the leg, the one in the middle of 2nd green.
6. Went too far W out of this one, close to the man-made X (a fenced special plant area? or what was it). Recovered and read _everything_ on the straight way to #6 from there. Never in my normal-paced races would I read sooo much. My feet hurt. I know now what those old people think and feel.
8. Boring, trail. Wouldn't be boring if I ran instead of shuffling. I know now how those old people feel when I the course setter send then along my trail legs. A Red female runner was ahead most of the way, moving much faster but stopping at every trail junction. From the trail, she went in the wrong direction. Duh.
9. Bad compass work
Very slow on a straight line through the rock, but still got there before two adventure racers who left #8 shortly after me and looped around. A little too wide on approach - saw the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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