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Race Evaluation

Boston Park-O Series: Peter's Hill


1. Heart Rate Monitor slipped down, so that splits 1-4 are guesses, and I spent about 30s at #2 reattaching strap and restarting the HRM
2. +00:30Saw KW had gone over, so I went over, too. Got confused leaving the paved path too early.
3. +00:45Went left of the line, south of the jaw-shaped cliff, climbing unnecessarily.
4. HR(average) = 162
5. Around. Pushed the pace, cut in after the vegetation boundary, and actually noticed the reentrant.
6. Straight. HR for 5+6: 169
7. +00:20Right of the thicket, to get onto the path leading to the flag. Road was probably faster. HR 161
8. Had seen 8 at some earlier point, so this was quick. HR 156
9. +01:30Major brain death. Investigated the foot of the huge cliff before the colors sank in, then ran back and attacked from the WSW. HR 158
10. +00:20While waiting to cross the st, I moved E, then contoured around the cliff. HR 168.
11. Crossed at the E crossing, instead of following the line. Then, straight from the large path bend. HR 168.
12. +00:05First and only use of compass. Straight. HR 173.
13. +00:45Bad route choice: right of the line, around the green, needlessly climbing about 7 lines. Good photo op for the CSM photographer, though. HR 179.
F. Huff, puff. HR 172.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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