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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day Sprint: Chase (enter Prologue time as first control)


2. Racing hard to catch up to Yuri in front. Unsuccessful.
3. Read map too late
Bad compass work
Lacked confidence
Went wide left and found #11. Was very tentative approaching #11; once figured out what it was, moved faster but lost confidence again on approach to #2. Walked into it. Steve Gregg was circling somewhere in the vicinity (started one after). Tim Good caught up.
4. Ahead of Tim.
5. Read map too late
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Wide left again. Almost as left as #5. Then, looked on a rocky knoll 80 m SE of the control, where Fredrickson and Michaela Mahdalova caught up. Slowly figured it out.
6. Work it to keep up with Fredrickson.
8. On the line. Aced this one. Fredrickson pulled away by now.
11. On about this leg, Michaela fell back.
12. I've been here already... Dropped Tim.
15. Can still feel Tim back there.
16. Wide right, around the easternmost green blob.
17. Sucky!! Muck.
18. Coming out of the control, I can see that Tim isn't likely to catch up.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:10

Split Analysis

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