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Race Evaluation

SLOC - Beaumont Scout Festival: Red


1. +00:30Should have stayed on the trail up to the control, but contoured over through some thick stuff on a steep hill side. Killer hill to start on! Decided to try running without the compass....
2. Up and over the spur. Not sure why it took me almost 4 minutes. no compass
3. Coming out of 2 was a grunt! Trouble reading the map because of sweat in my eyes. no compass
4. no compass
5. Took the path. no compass
6. +01:30Got bogged down a little in the not-so-dry lake bed. There were some impressive erosion pits. Not sure where the water goes. Spent a fair amount of time looking at the map too. Helped a couple of kids who were lost but not far from where they thought they were. Had to get the compass out again to re-orient and get back into the map. Kept it out for the rest of the run.
7. +08:30Mis-hung control. I spiked the mapped location at 8:16. Dropping down from the ridge and taking the re-entrant was a good choice, I think. Open woods for the most part. Good catching feature nearing the control.
9. +00:20Saw a coyote coming out of the re-entrant that the control was in. Stayed on the path a little longer than I would have otherwise trying to get a better look.
10. Lacked concentration
Ran about 150m south past the mapped trail junction. Trail junction was not visible (overgrown). Followed the ridge and dropped right down onto the control. Not 100% certain this control was marked properly on the map, but I didn't spend any time checking while I was there....
11. Followed trail and contoured around the spur.
F. Bad route choice
Bad route

Total Time Lost - 00:14:20

Split Analysis

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