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Race Evaluation

SLOC - Beaumont Scout Festival: Red


1. Past the cabin and contoured over. Thought about taking the trail, but the woods were pretty open.
2. +02:00Got too far right, then missed high when correcting. Caught by the big reentrant.
3. Just right of the reentrant to the trail, then took the right hand route running down the spur. Left hand route was probably faster.
4. Contoured around then straight up at it. First really clean leg.
5. Trail was not good, so I went straight through the woods to the left.
6. Out to the ride, took the little trail that cut the corner to the road. Through the big field then up the valley. Vegetation was a little thick in the valley.
7. +03:00Grunt up to the trail, then totally whimped out and took the trail around. Heading back down and then up the valley would have been much faster. Control was misplaced (on an unmapped spring N of the big reentrant) but easy to spot from the correct location.
8. +02:00Straight, but the reentrant didn't look right as I started to go down. Freaked a bit and throught I might be in the bigger system to the N. Went over the ridge to the S, saw the houses and corrected. Dumb.
9. Starting to feel the climb. Had a hard time pushing knowning I'd already made a lot of mistakes. Clean, but slow.
10. Stayed high on the ridge to the left. The trail was pretty non-existent, but the woods were fast.
11. +01:00Took the trail, which was terrible with lots of fallen trees. Straight through the woods would have been faster.
F. +01:00Poked around a bit trying to keep my feet dry.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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