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Race Evaluation

DVOA Evansburg PS: Blue


1. Pretty much on the trail
2. +01:00After descenting down made a right turn on the trail and spotted the wrong bag, so I had to stop in order to clarify the location
3. +00:30straight on trail
4. Going around to the bridge, After the conjunction took off straight to the control, however missed it by may be 10 m and overrun it.
5. Crossed the reentrance, passed by second house and cut through to the control
6. Back to the trail and straight
7. All the way to the bag on trail without cutting.
8. +00:20Passed the houses and stumbled into the south side of the green as it is shown on the map, took a while to figure out that it is on the northen side
9. Straight
10. Straight on trail
11. Took a precousion by taking little bit to the right so that I wouldn't miss it and went to the left as I reach for the ditch
12. +01:30Missed the bag, and stumbled into the fence was unpleasant to learn that I had to go back
13. Headed toward the SW for trail,crawled throug the green the stream, run all the way around till a paved parking lot a took a trail
14. Cut through the hill to trail to go over the bridge and took tha paved road till the bag
15. Went to the north around the green and attacked from the curve of the trail
16. Got back to the curve and cut across from the second turn
17. Too the trail that goes along with the field down to the control
18. Jumped out to the paved road and attacket from the curve
19. Fall down to the trail and run until the reentrance
F. Flew to the finish

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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