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Race Evaluation

DVOA Evansburg PS: Blue


1. Track to circle, then dither for some time with a bush between me and the kite.
2. straight. Approach the circle thinking "that must be the knoll, the flag should be there somewhere". Some guy there calls to his pal "this is the knoll, it must be here somewhere". Three of us wander about a bit before finding the bush with the bag in it.
3. straight down the trail.
4. approach on a contour, whiz past some guy, and pleased to spot gentle bend in contours by the flag. Stop, look around, no flag. slow guy arrives, vanishes into pit and reappears. I leg it over looking sheepish...
5. in woods almost to road, cross, down edge of field and attack hesitantly.
6. straight
7. back to road, up strip of woods between houses, round the tracks
8. all the way round the tracks (west, north, east). Carefully go to south of bush as on clue. No flag. Fight through to north side.
9. straight
10. follow trails. seems no choice but to go up and down.
11. straight
12. straight
13. got in a tangle in the ranch. climbed four fences, to road, thene all the way south for a track, cross river and attack by contouring along slope.
14. round the back on the road. I know Sergei ran 68, so is time to get shifting.
15. half way on road, then through the surprisingly nice green woods
16. Ride to narrow trail, then due east along narrow trail to control. Well, that was the theory, on closer inspection the "narrow trail" through the green is a fence.
17. Trails roads and paths all the way, including intermittant one E of YHA
18. Head in general direction of... Forest turns nasty and thorny, and I'm very glad to see the flag. I think I'll break 68 now, but I'll need to keep moving.
19. trail by the river. tripped by the duckboards and take a nasty thump (little toe now black, hope it aint broke). then climb to approach along top path.
F. back out of control, then leg it across carpark. Generally very clean, only time loss due to standing still within 10m of the flag looking for it (1,2,4,5,8,11,14,16). Running pretty well, especially towards the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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