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Race Evaluation

Chicago: Bramble Ramble: Green Day 1


1. S-1 Straight to control using edge of trail to stay on course.
2. 1-2 Straight to control skirting green area on top of hill. Off by a bit.
3. 2-3 Use trail to go around to control area.
4. 3-4 Straight to control.
5. 4-5 Straight to control.
6. +03:005-6 Up to trail and then run through mud for a ways. Cut in past control. Realize I am at the area with forked streams and work my way back over to control.
7. 6-7 Up to trail to N/S trail below the control. Climb up the stream bed.
8. 7-8 Take trail to past the stream running along the control and then cut in.
9. 8-9 Straight to control.
10. 9-10 Up and aound after shortly debating whether to cut the corner. Cross stream at E of pond and then up to control.
11. 10-11 Up to trail and then around to dot knoll (flag hanging here - knowledge important later on). Cross the streams and end up a bit left of control. Correct and punch.
12. +15:0011-12 Start through slop and get turned around., End up at little kite shaped field and think I north of there. So, head south and get really screwed up. Finally come back on trail near dot knoll with falg mentioned earlier. Go back to the kite shaped field and now knowing where I am naviagte to control.
13. 12-13 Follow the trails aound to control - kicking myself all the way.
F. 13-F In to the finish - just don't fall in the mud. A good run for me except the one control. One day I will do them all right. Enjoyed the terrain.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:00

Split Analysis

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