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Race Evaluation

QOC/SVO Mont Alto, Red Run Section: Red


1. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Did not read control code
Could not relocate
Unused to map
Unused to terrain
I almost ran Green but changed my mind after running okay the day before. The rain had fortunately stopped and was starting to clear-off when I was ready to start. Marek and I got to the start at the same time but he wanted to wait until I started. I found out later that he gave me a 5 minute head start. I wanted to be safe because of the map condition so I chose to use the trail off the big ride. Unfortunately, only the trail head remained and I wasn't even sure that it was correct. Mike Menahan appeared to be coming out of the woods as I entered. I drifted too high coming almost to a large patch of saplings from a clear cut. Coming down, I was too far out and had to come back. I caught a glimpse of yellow which was Mike Menahan again. Seeing the control after this, I punched just as Marek had arrived. So much for being safe and my 5 minute lead.
2. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Did not read control description
Followed others
Unused to map
Contouring across to the ride, I turned left and chased-down Mike M. I then turned right on the trail intending to take it to the end and attack to the left. I must have just past the control as it was behind a rock. Marek and Mike came in also past the control and when each of us hit the line of stony ground, we turned around. Marek got there first, followed by me and Mike.
3. Chasing Marek and going straight, we hit the trail getting to the first charcol terrace. Continuing-on, we spike it with Marek just ahead again.
4. Bad compass work
Marek and I split. He went more straight and I more quickly downhill on the left. Crossing the trail roads, I attacked from the bend and missed, going too far right. Coming back, I hit it but Marek was no where in sight.
5. Going downhill, I heard Marek and caught him after crossing the creek. We ran down the trail and cut right near each other. I got there first.
6. +00:10I lead off w/Marek following. Using the trail, I got too far right and had to come back. Marek punched first.
7. Marek and I used the trail. He stopped short and I kept on, beating him to the spur.
8. +00:10Going down the trail, I didn't read the map carefully enough. I had the idea that the control was close to the road. When a tree blocked our way, I swung left and low while Marek went high and right. The control was visible after passing it and he got there first.
9. Going straight, Marek headed a little more left and lower than I did. Reading the big rocks, we both zeroed-in and I got there first.
10. I wasted little time and marched-up the hill. Marek thought a little longer before following. Going straight with the rocks on my left I paused when it looked like I was nearing the top and the rocks had curved around back into my path. I was worried that the control would be hidden amongst the rocks so started walking on and amongst them. Marek kept out of them until much later, eventually passing me. We both closed-in but he and Mike Menahan who had appeared on the Green course got there first.
11. Did not plan ahead
Took a chance
Read map too late
Did not read control description
Disturbed by others
I chased and caught Mike and Marek near some fencing. I had merely chased to this point to catch-up. Glancing down, I read the next control to be near the fork in the creek so I plunged downward on and off a trail, leaving Marek and Mike. At the bottom I realized something was amis and checked my card to see what I'd punched. There was another runner who had come-up the stream. We confirmed heading toward 463 so I about-faced and climbed-back up the hill somewhat slowly. At the saddle, I didn't have a good attack point and there were lots of rocks. Had I read the description better, I would have known I was looking for a 3 meter one. I passed near the control and wandered a bit before reading the description and coming back to it.
12. Bad route choice
I climbed higher at first and used the trail. As it appeared to veer away from where I wanted to go I left it. I picked my way across the big rocks and got hung-up in a mess. Once past the big ones, going down the hill was slow due to steepness and many smaller rocks. I used the trail along the stream and found it right-off.
13. Going left to the steam fork, I then went more to the right across the deadfall. It wasn't bad running. I spiked it but was feeling tired at the end. I guess I forgot to take a split here.
14. I drank then climbed-up over the rocks to the trails. Passing the false trail that wasn't on the map and pace counting to the correct one, I turned right, then left. As it seemed to fork more, I got worried and switched to the right, coming back to the main trail on the right. I saw it soon after.
15. Underrated difficulty
Confused parallel features
I went left toward the trail, but perhaps got too far and on the wrong one. I ran it all the way to the road, turned right, then came back down before seeing it.
16. Bad distance judgement
I pace counted going straight. At the rocks, I turned left and climbed, then turned right again. I stopped short having been unsure of my remaining pace count but soon went ahead and hit it.
17. Dropping down immediately for better running and going straight along the steeper slope, I read the spur-like rise before the control, turned-up and spiked it!
18. +02:30Going straight, there was a lot of deadfall. I think I pace counted but with all the debris, I didn't trust it. It was also awkward reading the reentrant. I got too high and saw the road before turning down and finding it.
19. Did not read control description
Running straight on pace count, I paused on the knoll. It didn't seem right and I hadn't read that I was looking for a shallow depression. Luckily, I saw it. I had gone too far left but my distance was close.
20. I turned left out to the trail and ran okay down the stoney path. I dared not look at the map on the run for fear of a twisted ankle. Fortunately my memory was right.
F. It was nice to have an easy long downhill finish. I couldn't run all out for fear of pulling my back/hip out of whack even more.

Total Time Lost - 00:23:20

Split Analysis

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