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Race Evaluation

CAOC Bramble Ramble, Day 1: Blue/WRE


2. Did not like map
Something wrong with the map.
4. Hesitated
Hesitated a little bit since control was higher than I expected.
7. Did not like map
Well, as I suspected I lost ~3 minutes here. Control and feature was much higher than it was shown on the map. I think I ran along the side of the gully 2 or 3 times before deciding just in case to go along the spure up and stumbling upon seating control manager. I started distrast the map (very bad thing) having difficulties with mapping style at # 2 and here. Later it resulted in even more errors at ##10 & 11.
8. This was easy go straight with good stop leg.
9. Same as above.
10. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Bad compass work
Took right choise via gully and trail thinking to attack the control from below. Somehow even using bearing I was turned 90 degrees and thrown right to the trail. I think the trail bends I used to navigate and attack are all pure fantasy. Took me time to regain my confidence and fight through the green to control. Better choice was to take left variant since open clearing provided much more confident attack point.
11. Did not like map
Still fresh and not beleiving the map.
14. No attack point
Bad route choice
Hesitated in parallel gullies since didn't have good attack point.
18. +00:05Very strange but spraining the ankle didn't take much time off comparing to Eric. May be 5 to 10 seconds per leg. I think the ankle was warm enough before I started to feel pain. First 30 seconds I just didn't feel it at all due to the shock.
19. +00:10
20. +00:05
F. +00:02

Total Time Lost - 00:09:42

Split Analysis

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