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Race Evaluation

NW Cup & WA Champs: Red day 1


1. +00:20Since I am familiar with terrain desided to run fast since the start. So up the road to the fence, along the fence to junction. Just took general direction left of the hill, down to the depression. Saw control ~200 m at the rock but doesn't look like ours - too much to the left. Here is the hill and rock to the left ~ 100 m. Must to use compass more!
2. Straight to the small gully between the 2 cliffs, down to the marsh. What marsh? :O There should not be any marsh here. Well, may be rains lately... OK, don't pay attention, just get some dirt inside your shoes and continue. On the side of the hill, up the gully, left of green stuff, here is control in the group of trees.
3. It is time to increase the speed. So added some power to my legs. This @#$%^ stones hidden in the tall grass driving me crazy :) :( To the gully, down to small hill, by the marsh, to the gully with small depression with control. So far no control are hidden :) I hope they will not be (true for the whole race:)
4. This stones are harting. Decreased speed a little bit and look in the map preparing for most technical legs. Does not look like they would be difficult. Went down the gully before the big cliff. Control bag is visible from 100 m.
5. Took the pass (not on the map:) right to the control.
6. Just straight to the control. These stony grounds way too dangerous - can they cleen this woods?:)
7. Up this long gully, left between big cliffs, right of this highly visible round hill that looks like table. Here is control bag at the stone at the end of long hill.
8. Straight to the cliff with some greenish stuff. Right of hills, around the corner. Here is the cliff with control.
9. +00:10A little bit to the right contouring. They showed no marsh here - however my shoes are full of water - too much swamps today :) Up to the hill, crossed the fence. Saw couple people approaching control site from the right. It must be somewhere here at the N side of spure. Have to stop to look at the map more carefully. Here it is behind the bush!
10. Time to make some time. Just straight more or less. It shouldn't be a marsh here :P :O Oh, well, just wet legs again. I hope no blisters (cross my fingers). Up the cliff, here is control bag in small depression by bushes.
11. Whoa, I see next control right from here. Well, just need to run hard.
12. Straight, by this black circle. Control bag is visible from faraway.
13. +01:00Got tired so don't think clearly. Must to use compass for this leg. Finished in the group of boulders ~200 m S of the control site. Oh, well, run hard to the correct one.
14. Staight to the last control.
F. Finish down along streamers

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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