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Race Evaluation

: AOA Spring Runoff

Jon W

1. Notice change in start just in time
2. Good route choice. Maybe lost concentration during long run
3. Followed others
Followed Bill - Big Mistake. Once lost, relocated quickly and found control
4. +02:00Took long safe route due to mistake on previous leg.
5. Helpped Mark look for missing e-Punch
6. +03:30Got lost due to extra marshes, found control by luck. Control in wrong place.
7. +04:00Followed bearing from 6, but came to wrong marsh as 6 was incorrectly placed. Tried to relocate on North marsh, but failed. Relocated south and fuond control. Didn't check number on con, probably just as well.
8. Disturbed by others
Took long route, but arrived safely.
9. Good leg, followed contours
10. +03:20Got sloppy. Didn't take bearing, but relied on vegetation. Big mistake. Wasted three minutes or so.
11. +00:10Slow but sure. lost 10 seconds due to control hiding behind tree
12. +02:00Chose bad attack point (re-entrant) missed control to North-east. Relocated successfully.
F. +01:15Misread map, ran down wrong road. Recovered, probably wated just over 1 minute.

Total Time Lost - 00:21:45

Split Analysis

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