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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Colour Coded 1 - Moreleta Kloof: Brown


1. Nice path into the control.
2. Straight in. No problems.
3. +00:15Exited the wrong way. Instead of heading out to either path, I went through high grass for 100m between the paths! Duh!
4. Straight, staying slightly high en route.
5. +00:05Path and then up ridge line. Cut off a fraction too early.
6. Straight. Had good attack point.
7. Up the ridge line again and then onto adjacent cliff line.
8. +00:30Staight down. Knew I was being drawn left, but did't correct when I hit the stream. Lost time deciding which way to go, left or right? It was right.
9. +00:30Made correct decision in attacking from the top, but then didn't keep my eyes open. Overran, but realised almost immediately.
10. Straight, no problems. Got within sight of Paul and Garry.
11. Straight.
12. +00:10Exited wrong way. Played it too safe. Then cut path bend just before the control. Risky, but it worked, just.
13. Up the stream bed.
14. Contouring. Didn't have the speed to get past Paul.
15. +00:10Contouring, dropping slightly. Tired just before the control, so didn't have my eyes open. Had to come back for it.
16. Straight.
17. Straight. Good one.
18. +00:20Path running, but really getting tired. Walked the last part into the control.
19. +00:10Along the path. Tripped and twisted my ankle. Ow.
20. Played it safe, so spot on.
21. Straight in. Double checked with my compass.
22. +00:20Out to the fence and back past #1. Overshot the control though, too close to the fence.
23. +00:15Didn't take the most direct route back to path. Lost time in the grass.
F. +00:10Lack of fitness. Ouch.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:55

Split Analysis

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