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Race Evaluation

Austrian Ultralongdistance: H-18 Elite


1. Did not follow plan
Bad compass work
Not thinking clearly
started realy bad in the new season to the first controll i made a stupid mistake because i didn't read the map exectly and stupid thinking
2. ok
3. +00:30a bit confesed 100m before the checkpoint because i thaugt i was right
4. Not thinking clearly
followed the wrong way !!!!!! and didn't check the direction because i thaugt that i was on the right way but i lost only 45 sec. up to best split but i think the misstake takes me more than 1 min.
5. okay
6. running down the hill checking the features was okay
7. No attack point
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
shittt checkpoint there i lost everything first i was okay run compass and was on the right way out but than i made the deathly misstake i run down to rock face and look down if theres the checkpoint but i didn't see the chk. so i run left because i thaught that it was the wrong rock face but there was no checkpoint anywhere after 5 min stupid running i turned back and found the checkpoint
8. k only following the hill
9. Bad map reading
was okay easy one but in the controll room i wasn't shure were exectly the controll will be
10. ok
11. Bad map reading
again a compass mistake to far on the right side stayed checked and turned back to the control
12. +00:35little mistake in the controll area
13. ok
14. Bad map reading
less map reading mistake
15. ok
16. ok
17. ok
F. finish

Total Time Lost - 00:12:31

Split Analysis

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