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Race Evaluation

NEOC Powissett Peak: Red


1. N around lake after following trail to beach. Attacked from beach to the N of flag, trusting the effects of dry fall of 2007. Actually considerably denser than anticipated in crossable marsh before flag, but able to get across in adjecent area marked as uncrossable.
2. Contour to bridge, then trail to bend after crossing spur, then on line.
3. +00:15A little L of intend straight attack failing to take advantage of trail, then a little hesitant before flag.
4. +00:05A bit hesitant trying to find reentrant leading to saddle in front of control.
5. +00:10Trails to higher EW trail before dropping down to lower trail. Crossed N edge of large depression and picked up spur heading down hill. Followed spur a bit too long as it swept to N, then overcorrected a bit and hit reentrant S of flag.
6. On line at a walk up hill. Picked up animal track on ridge line N of control.
7. Ran ridge of esker across power cut, then dropped down on to flag.
8. A bit L of line (this time intentionally) running along edge of curving ridge funneling into small knoll.
9. Trails to L, then up large reentrant to cross to N tip of swamp. Again on trails until big bend W of flag, then on line.
10. N of swamp, which proved a bit slow at base of cliff, then across stream/marsh close to lake before angling up to pick up line of cliffs. Was a bit concerned about differentiating all the rocky features, but good visibility made the point moot.
11. Angled NE to first trail then followed to road. Took straight line from fork in road, then again after crossing marshy area on trail. Ran along trail hugging edge of lake then looked to pick up intermittent trail heading directly up towards flag. Got concerned when I didn't see it after making L turn on trail, so just took compass shot. Was helped by knowing feature well as I had put control there myself in 2006.
F. A little cautiously down hill as there was visible human activity in several different directions and I didn't want to make a foolish error at the very end. Definitely still not in good condition as I was huffing and puffing a lot on the last two legs.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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