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Race Evaluation

2008 Northeast Junior Training Camp: Blue


1. Went straight. Gully looked just like a index conour so didn't even see it on the map until I saw an orienteer stuck in the bottom. Saw that I could get out but wasn't sure how to get down. Very hard to read the trails/contours/controls in this area. Caught Peggy at control 1.
2. +00:20Had to wait a little bit for bicycles to pass then overshot teh control a little bit. Peggy caught up to me again.
3. Road around
5. Straightish, no problem getting through the "fight before teh trail. Took trail to the first east/west trail. Up hilll the first left. Though green areas and straight to where the control should be. I was looking for a dot knoll but there was no knoll to be found. I ran up the trail (to far), then came back not quite far enough. Finally was bailing back out to the junction and saw a control. There was no knoll there. It was more of a drop off. At this point I decided there was no need to hurry. Map issues were going to just fustrate me so I used this more as an endurance run. Peggy passed me again.
7. Saw which way Peggy went and decided to take the long way around and see what was faster. I went farther down the powerline. Green once I left the trail.
8. Leaving number seven I saw Peggy again. I think her way was faster but it is hard to say.South to trail. West to trail. South trail and cut across towards fence. Things didn't quite match up here. Contours didn't seem quite right and control seemed very far away from the fence.
9. I think I got led astray with the more runnable woods. Ended up by the hunterstand to the south of the control. Feature on the map isn't legal and I had no idea what I was looking for. Turned out to be a platform not a reentrant.
10. +00:45Back to second trail. Yes iI went through the green. trails hard to read. Trail around to "white woods" I measured from the trail junction and then cut in. It didn't look any clearer but I was able to get through. At worst medium, not fight. Went by a by pond which I deduced was the formline hill (missing the down hill tick mark). Visibility is way down in this area so couldn't see where the green started/ended. Wend to the root stock to the south east.
11. southwest. Hit the bottom of a trail loop and couldn't find it on the map. Apparently the trail going off it didn't exist. finally just went down the trial heading the same general direction. I had originally planned to use the road but the road was outside park property. Need a different park boundary that can be seen. Down reentrant to contorl
12. decided to go around the left and take the road. I was worried about which road this was. Turned out to be osborne street which has no shoulder to run on. As soon as I pass the lake I cut into the woods to get off the road. Root stock placement didn't seem correct. I took a bearing from the one root stock and ended up higher in the reentrant.
14. There is some sort of hill thing before the control but I can't tell what it is.
15. AVoided the green but should probably have just gone through it. Ended up way wide.
16. To many form lines. Area east of control has unreadible stuff. Looks like depressions crossing each other.
17. Ignored the trail ans went straight. Not much of a dot knoll.
19. Whole area is open with lots of poisin ivy. I ran around needlessly.
21. Depression is closer to trail than mapped.
22. Green slash was wide open pine forest.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:05

Split Analysis

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