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Race Evaluation

ROC - Suburban Orienteering Maze: Long


1. .72: E, pass tennis courts, parking lot (kiss M), Wilson, missed Silverbirch & back up, Laurent, Clairette
2. 2.11: Clairette, Sandringham, Glenbrooke, Wilson, Manuel, cross Fredmir & NW thru park, Edgewood
3. 3.1: Radisson, Newton, Baffin, Florence, park
4. 4.66: Choquette, Cross, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Mirabel, Roger-Pilon, Barnett, Sussex, cul-de-sac, path
5. 5.5: Gardenia, Dauphin, Forsythe, cross Hemingway, S of bldg, follow ball field
6. 6.15: S along fence & over broken fence (broken before I got there), Lake, enter Centennial Park
7. 6.66: SSE thru fast woods to E trail
8. 7.22: back W round lake on trails. In error, I explored the first smaller hill.
9. 7.85: back down hill N but would have been shorter to go S and over, trails, interestingly 9 was behind fence so parking lot detour was needed.
10. 8.5: trail, S of ball field through fence. I went up middle hill on cedar path to explore what was likely cross-country running course. I messed around on top of hill E of hill I wanted.
11. 9.91: Descent and my knee required a careful walk. Because of fencing I had to go W to park entrance then back track E on Lake, Westpark, Canterbury, Woodlawn, Birchview
12. 10.53: Birchview, Thorncliffe, cross Belcourt & thru park, Bayside
13. 11.49: Pinecrest, Middleton, Matignan, jog, NE over verge & N on path, Libersan, park
14. 12.13: Trottier S, path W, Alie, Glamis, park
15. 13.16: back track in park, S on path cross Glamis, Anselme-Lavigne, Westpark, NW cross church parking lot but had to slow for exiting parishioners, Pasteur, Caruso, Sandra, park
16. 14.01: thru park, Cedarcrest, Fredmir, Greenwood, Aragon park, woods
17. 15.25: Sunbury, path thru school property, Anselme-Lavigne, Beaufort, Evergreen, E across park
F. 15.36: The final short leg is a pain because you have to run round fence and round building.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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