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Race Evaluation

US Middle Distance and Relay Champs: Relay - 8pt Orange


1. Injured, I jogged and walked for the whole course. I was more aggressive in trying to run than the previous day and had some success. However, I had aggrivated my knee a bit too. I jogged this leg slow--going uphill at this steepness didn't bother me. I recognized the dummy as the manmade object and sited the hill ahead. I think everyone was in front of me though some were going to other controls.
2. I jogged downhill cautiously. I was confident about which control to go to. Someone ahead of me froze when she realized that it wasn't her control so I had to ask her to punch to get out of the way.
3. Oddly, I started catching-up to people on this leg. I may have passed a few. I climbed the ridgeline and went right to it.
4. I went around the flags, across the road, then immediately up the hill. Though I knew there was more climb this way, I reasoned it would be best (faster and safer) for me to use the path on an injured leg. I passed Gayle Ryan and others were behind us. Peggy was not far ahead. I passed the trail intersection, following her route which stayed on the trail the longest before dropping into the control.
5. Still pretty close behind Peggy, and seeing Brad not far ahead also, I trailed the train to the control.
6. I hopped over the hill steady and straight.
7. Going down the ridge, Peggy was able to move faster. I lost her after crossing the first reentrant. I came upon Zak as he paused above the pond. I went a little left, then along the shore leading Zak to the control.
8. +01:00I was eagar to try to get away from Zak. Funny how I make the same mistakes even when going slow--my run around the pond and not looking at the map to #7 had me believing I should continue going straight. Some other people did too but perhaps they were on other courses. I crossed the ridge going 90 degrees away from the control, then turned the wrong way on the trail near the wrong lake. I reversed myself but lost time. I also was wishy washy about the final attack. I finally came to the right trail and then in from low.
9. I somehow caught up to Zak. Another woman had punched in front of me. Now that we were on grass, she and Zak moved faster than I could safely do. I stayed close to them by jogging a straighter line and being confident about where the control was.
10. Like #9, I kept close to Zak and the other woman.
11. Across the road and to the control.
12. I went down the ridge similar to the way I'd come up it. At the bottom, I went to the correct control but didn't check the code.
13. I wondered about punching the correct control at 12 while keeping straight. I knew that I'd feel guilty if I had let my team down by mispunching. I hoped to catch Zak and the other woman but did not.
14. I ran straight to the swings and saw Max along the way. He didn't see me. I started to go to some stone walls to the right but realized the error of the when I put it in perspective with the huge water.
15. Along the shore.
F. Moving steady. I may have started to feel just a bit of fatigue in my strut.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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