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Race Evaluation

OSI Ranking Race: Long


1. +00:30Lost some time getting the map oriented on the first control as usual.
2. Chose a hilly route, but looking at my re-runs it worked out ok.
3. Climbed up from the big road a bit early.
4. +00:30Went left around the pond. Looking at re-run splits, going right on the bigger road was significantly better.
5. +00:15Hesitated a little bit.
6. On the right trail, avoiding climb. A very good route choice!
7. +01:00Drifted right while being distracted by other runners.
8. +00:20Went down to the green a bit early while being distracted by others.
9. +00:45Hit the boulder at the edge of the circle and did not notice the patch of green, or that I should go to the top of the hill. Swung right and found the rock S of the circle before I finally ran up the spur.
10. Ran a bit faster than level 2 to ditch a follower.
11. +00:30Down to the trail, then contoured. Would have been faster to stay high I think
12. +00:05Left the main trail a bit early.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:55

Split Analysis

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