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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Classic Red


1. Great start; took 100m to get into the leg, but everything is coming together...
2. Too much of a good thing. Ran right by it (low) and kept going to the cliffs SE of control. Had to relocate off the top of the hill.
3. Went what I thought was only medium speed, but the split looks awfully good by comparison. Saw what was obviously an old, lost bag draped on the rock face. Was obviously not mine and got annoyed as went by. Saw the swamp to my left, though, and looked more carefully and found the bag.
4. Straight up the hill; actually moving.
5. Bang on; saw bag on bare rock, but there was no water so I didn't even give it a second thought.
6. Again quite good; saw bag on cliffs just right of line; came in left and moved 40m into control.
7. My most creative leg. Below cliffs and over bare rock to dirt road. At intersection, jump right onto trail and keep going west. At second trail, start NW following yellow blazes. At T, move W following blue blazes. At T go NW to bend and then over reentrants towards spur. Decide where it must be just as someone's head pops up confirming location. Considering my running speed, this is probably my best leg of the weekend.
8. Straight on - only slightly confused by vegetation.
9. Not a bad plan here, but flawed and executed only so-so Went S to reentrant and hugged cliffs passing small swamp before hitting blue-blazed trail. (Should have just gone SSW to second line of cliffs and turned S to same trail.) Took trail W and then S to T junction. Went E til past swamp, then around and down the cliffs. Real rocky going before hitting dirt road. Final attack should have been easy, but I bobbled and was a bit W of control before adjusting.
10. Up and over. Blueberries were thicker and upset my pacing (and to a lesser degree my bearing). Found boulder group N of circle and had to adjust.
11. S to bare rock and cliff just NE of control. Unfortunately, mapper left the fangs off this unscalable cliff and I had to descend and go around before approaching control from 1-2 contours low.
12. Suckered off line by sight of bag on knoll. Was indeed a bag on knoll; just not mine (116). Figured out error and could see mine just N.
13. Skirted the green and had trouble clambering down. Didn't like this leg as it seemed dangerous - especially this late in course. Would have been better to go a bit further right and follow stream to trail, but I only saw the trail on the map at the last minute.
14. Trail run, but I almost overshot.
F. In... and then surprised by relative quality of run.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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