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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Classic Red


1. Started out with a great error looking at the leg from 1-2 and being puzzled as to why the terrain didn't seem to match the map. I figured it out in a few seconds, but I still managed to overrun the control by about 100 m due to just plain poor map reading.
2. This leg was so fine!
3. Lost in the fog. The visibility was low, and I remember thinking to myself at the beginning of the leg that I had to treat this like night-O, keep close contact and use only nearby features. I was okay until I was about 2/3 of the way, then I drifted left and got baffled. Figured out where I might be and followed the intermittent stream up to the marsh.
4. Drifted left in the fog again, but I was able to keep track of wher I was and came into the control from the north.
5. Moving well, reading the map well, and I seem to have had the fastest split on this leg.
7. Climbed the hill early, folowed the top of the slope to the trail, followed it to the junction and turned right. Got almost back to the purple line and headed into the woods, passing just north of the green marsh. Followed the trail to the bend at the SW corned of Tamarack Pond, and went straight in from there, reading features carefully.
8. Hunter, Corinne, and Siobhan were just ahead of me. I passed the girls, and was heading for a knoll that Hunter climbed up on, but then he stopped and looked at his map. I was confused, because I exped the control to be on the other side of that knoll, so I climbed up there as well to get a better view. Looked like the reason Hunter couldn't see the control that was right at his feet was because his map was in the way.
9. Very nice leg, and I was mostly happy with my route choice, thought it could have been executed a bit better. Entirely to the right of the line, passing to the W of the big cliffs and then coming in on the dirt road at the end. Straightening out some of my wiggles would have resulted in an excellent route.
10. Second only to Sergei Zhyk on this one which is surprising because it was such an easy open leg, that I would have thought people would have eaten it up.
11. Must have been getting tired, because I screwed this up badly. Climbed the hill about 45 degrees off to the right, making things match up between the map and terrain, until I got to the top and nothing looked right. Took a couple of minutes to figure out where I was because I wasn't looking so far away from where I had intended to be.
12. Maybe not the best route out of the control, and then I ran to wrong knoll, about 75 m to the S, which is slightly mismapped and which also had a control. Corrected quickly when the code didn't match.
13. Another hazardous downhill leg, even moreso than yesterday, giving me an opportunity to shine, wit the fastest split. Hillary was 3 seconds back, a few others were within 30 seconds, but most were nowhere close. I remember passing an older competitor as I was careening down the rocky slope, and imagining them saying, "Hey, slow down, yer gonna break yer neck!".
14. Surprisingly fast on what seemed to be a simple trail run in. John Goodwin was 10 seconds faster, and the Saeger sisters were a few seconds ahead of me, but I was fourth.
F. Nice course!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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