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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase:


1. +00:25Started towards #4, then swung to R when I realized error. Remembered pit at top of hill, so went right for it. Had to wait behind 6 people to punch -- 15 sec here!
2. Hesitated running down hill, getting to know map.
3. Comfortable on compass bearing to this control. Saw the leaders wander off following each other.
5. On bearing to trail, followed trail for 15m until I knew exactly where I was, then ran down ridge to control.
6. Straight line up and over shoulder.
7. Stayed a bit high, but basically on a bearing.
8. +01:00Stayed too much on bearing -- ran up over middle spur rather than going around it. Climbed up opposite slope too early and had to drop back down.
10. Hit stop with Brad Whitmore. Peter Thompson was with us, too.
11. Felt good on the line over the hill to the spur.
12. +01:00Thumb slipped and I started heading for #13. Stopped when I hit trail and figured out mistake. Peter closed back up on me.
13. +00:30Looked for ditch too soon, slowed down. Lost time to Peter.
14. Could see reentrant bottom was flat and looked open., so dropped down and ran up the middle of it, shifting to L side as I neared control. Back ahead of Peter.
F. +00:05Straight to VFW. Ran up over knoll instead of going up reentrant, so Peter caught up. Dead heat after drinking bev.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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