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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills West, Blue Hill: Red


1. Great start. Left trail opposite green just before slope started to flatten, then able to read shelf with flag on lip.
2. +05:00Disaster. Left #1 heading E as if leaving #2. Ignored many warning signs of error before finally catching myself and heading N to hit trail at top of hill. Followed trail to intersection, then on line.
3. On line until 2nd trail, then picked up small knoll E of trail to guide me into reentrant. Ran down R side until rocky features visible.
4. L of line to second trail, then cut corner climbing up hill through medium green reentrant. Left trail to run edge of marsh and then straight to flag.
5. +00:45Roughly on contour to trail, then leaving to scoot down between largish cliffs and inappropriately crossing small stream. Figured out that I had stayed on trail too long and was E of intended descent. Ran to trail and crossed stream again, then above cliff overlooking wall.
6. W to trail, then opted for northern flatter trail with easier approach along wet reentrant. Maybe 30 seconds longer if other route executed well, but seemed like reasonable choice for someone of my modest skill.
7. NW hitting trails close to intersection, then follow trails to road. Cut straight in entering reentrant S of flag. Was amused that control description listed lower cliff when lower was not obvious from map. Middle cliff seemed more logical when correct feature identified. Ian Finlayson followed me into flag.
8. On line keeping tank on L. Ian running a little closer to tank. Unable to match his speed.
9. Roughly E angling down to trail, then climbing on trails along intermittent stream. Left before trail intersection and crossed next trail just N of ridge line. On rough contour coming in just above flag. Was gratified to find Ian at the flag after he had disappeared running up hill on trail (while I walked).
10. +00:15S rather than SE due to better running, then trails to above flag. Was pretty confident I was in correct reentrant, but didn't see flag after starting down for a bit. Hesitated wondering if I had gone one reentrant too far, but then just headed down a bit more and hit flag.
11. +09:30On line crossing trail and picking up large boulder on other side. Headed across broad reentrant and spotted flag on small rise. Confirmed it was incorrect flag and assumed it must be on form knoll N or control. However, didn't find flag running down reentrant to S. Circled several times before bailing out to trail on S, then attacked again from intersection 100 m to E. Hit reentrant and flag perhaps a bit earlier than expected. It certainly looks like the flag was hung in an unmapped reentrant.
12. E back to intesection, then followed trail for short distance before dropping down to cross stream and then along E side of rocky region and straight to flag.
13. E to trail, then walking up hill and cutting in at trail bend after crossing stone wall.
14. Tried to stay mostly N or marsh, but still wound up fighting through some green to get to trail.
F. Not a lot of energy left on uphill, but at least was able to avoid walking to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:30

Split Analysis

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