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Race Evaluation

Mt. Penn - Pagoda: blue


1. Toe still broke, so slow on downhills and rocky stuff. And off the start where I was never in contact until I hit the ridge way too high.
2. Trails to road, and around.
3. straight
4. straight
5. Up the powerline
7. Slow through rough
8. Slow through rocks
9. Slow through rocks. Caught by Ken Walker here
10. OK on climb, popped onto road just behind Ken, and stayed on road all the way round. Then he skittered down the slope and was gone as I was reduced to a walk
11. spike. walking.
13. straight, picking up bits of trail and white, then stupidly cut down from firetower instead of following road to model airplanes.
15. Uphill, no rocks, hurrah!
18. Road, wide round
19. Ran straight by it and up to reentrant (?) on hill, relocate by looking down on #20
20. Already seen this.
21. went high on rocks, then cut through green. Not best
22. Going as fast as I could
F. Going as fast as I could

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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