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Race Evaluation

NW Cup & WA Champs: Red day 1


1. Hesitated
Took a while to find start on the map and get the map folded. Hesitated a bit as I was getting used to map.
2. Frustrated
Unused to terrain
Tripped on a rock buried in tall grass on side of hill leading down to marsh. Landed on my hand hard and was in pain for a while. I then became frustrated with how slow it was crossing the ankle deep marsh.
3. Hesitated
Hesitated a little and was being careful about foot placement after falling on previous leg.
4. Went left and down into depression NW of control and around base of cliff.
5. Bad map reading
Ran to pond and along edge until I could see reentrant to right. It seemed really easy but I didn't notice how far along the hillside the correct cliff was and I cut up too soon and had to relocate on the top of the hill. I then ran to the correct cliff but didn't go far enough to see the marker and went back to the top of the hill and relocated again before going back to the spot I just was before and continuing until I saw the marker.
6. Very easy except for crossing the steep talus slope. Seemed like and orange control.
7. Did not plan ahead
I couldn't make up my mind where to exit the rock area and into the field. My choice, based on runnability, was to continue straight up the reentrant which put me to the right on the straight line. I should have cut to the left sooner than I did.
8. Rick Breseman and Debbie Newell were ahead of me and I just gunned it to reel them in. The marker was visible from 200m, very easy.
9. Bad map reading
Went right to avoid hill and marsh. A little confused but ran through small depression to right of straight line and could tell where I was. Drifted a little left of my compass and made a parallel error running to the spur to the south of the control. After I realized the mistake, I still had a hard time finding the marker because it was hidden in a bush a little distance from the foot of the spur where it was supposed to be (it was one of the many markers that could have used a stand to get a more accurate placement).
10. Frustrated
Went slightly right of straight line and used the corner of the shelf as my attack point. It was very difficult getting through the unmapped marsh. No trouble finding control even though I thought it was a little bingo.
11. Could see marker practually from #10. What's the point of that?
12. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Didn't have a good plan. I basically checked off the hill to the left and headed just to the right of the spur. Unfortunately, the big spur I was heading for was off the map and not the subtle one I should have been looking for. I pace counted by ended up way past the marker (at least 100m). I turned around and saw it behind me ( I had missed it to the left).
13. Went straight, no problem.
14. Ran hard
F. All out sprint. I don't think I have ever felt so good at the end of an orienteering race. My training has been paying off!

Total Time Lost - 00:07:20

Split Analysis

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