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Race Evaluation

BAOC: Pacheco State Park A-meet: US Ultralong 2013 Red


1. P D P R I took the trail to the reentrant down to the creek and then up the retrant on the other side. Then I went down and over the saddle and crossed the retrant to the control. I could see the other people the whole time so I was confident
2. P D P R I ran up the hill trying to reach the trail and fence. Once I got to the trail I found the retrant on the line and ran down it. I then chose a hilly route and chose to go up the reentrant just right of the line and cross the spur. From my high position I could see people going into the control and ran strait to the control from my position. Proboboly not the best route choice due to adding unneeded climb
3. P D P R +00:20I climbed to a high position on the spur and ran down the hill tops to the trail. I continued on a barring and crossed the reentrant at the fence. I climbed the hill on a berring but did not climb enough. When I reached the trees I did not see the control. However I saw water bottles above me. I then climbed the hill and found the control and water stop.
4. P D P R Looking at this control , I thought about the advice of thinking like a cow and not just straight climbing at any point in the route. This lead me to chose a route close to the line and try and countinually climb while contouring and couting the big retrants. When I crossed the final one I was to low so I climbed and found the control
5. P D P R +02:00I climbed the hill and then was planning on cutting threw the green so I could have a more straight forward route. I tried cutting threw 3 times but had to backtrack each time because I got caught up. I then gave up and ran to the end of the green down the tail and contoured to the control
6. P D P R This looked to be the first big long control in the course. I looked at it for a minute and decided to go left and on the trail at the edge of the park. I did this and cut off at the reentrant before the trail ended. I then took a berring and tried to contour to the control. This worked out except I accidentally when i the reentrant to the north. I relized this and quickly corrected to the correct retrant and found the control
7. P D P R My initial plan was to take the trail and cut off towards the control but going down the hill before the trail, the pain in my feet began to force me to take them into consideration on my route choice. This made me look at the retrant system leading to number 7. I went this way and had my first energy chews. I found the control easily but the climb before it was really painful.
8. P D P R This control went very smoothly. I got to the top of the hill cross the retrant and contoured like a cow to the control
9. P D P R This the last control I was able to attempt at running. I climbed painfully towards the trail intersection and ran along the trail. I then cut of to go around the reentrant to the left of the line. I found the control easily in the next reentrant.
10. P D P R I contoured slowly and painfully around to 10 and walked up slightly to 10 in the reentrant
11. P D P R I crossed the reentrant saw the stand and headed towards it. Once I got there I drank 3 waters and continued
12. P D P R I took a strat forward route going slightly up hill sliding under the fence and then contouring to the reentrant before the control. I then climbed to the control.
13. P D P R I contoured down the retrant to the lake. Then I followed the trail and very very painfully walked up the hill to the saddl.e I had to stop 3 times as I walked up the hill. I then hobbled down and went to the wrong white woods. I realized this quickly and went to the other white woods
14. P D P R Still very painfully I climbed the spur on the line and hobbled down the reentrant to find the control near the bottom
15. P D P R I contoured like a cow up to the reentrant and over two spurs to find the control on the tree
16. P D P R I slowly went down the hill over the fence and up the reentrant on the other side. At the top of the reentrant I went under a second fence to hobble down the hill and find the control at the edge of some trees
17. P D P R To try and avoid climb and pain I stayed high going to the final control and contoured like a cow. At the reentrant before the controls spur I saw Noah Van Gorder another GAOC athlete who beat me by 30 seconds the day before and was ahead of me for most of the ultralong race. Through not wanting to lose to Noah I got an adrenalin rush to run through the pain and sprint to the control and then the finish.
F. P D P R I sprinted to the finish and then collapsed and got attention from many nice adults at the finish

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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