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Race Evaluation

Mt. Penn - Pagoda: Green Y


1. Sart out with Fred Ayres (Green X). Head down trail a little ways and then head over to control area.
2. Straight to road and then to trail. Stay on trail to trail road intersection. Use this to take bearing to control.
3. Back to trail road intersection. Then ??
4. Take trail behind building to ditch network. Up to control.
5. Back down ditch to trail - then to road. Over to where I see clearing and head up hill. Pass another control on the way.
6. Trail and then straight to top of knoll.
7. Stay on top and then see control below. However, continue on then circle back around to it.
8. Head straight but am near big bend in road. Use this to get to control.
9. Up to trail and then around. Decide to head straight downhill on trail below powerline. Poor route choice because it is steep and loose underfoot. Then take trails to control.
10. Trail newtork to below control.
11. Angle to control.
12. Trails to control.
13. Angle out of woods but don't pay attention to feature - building. Hey, it is the GO control - how hard can it be?! Well, there are numersous controls visible - the String O course. I head to one of them. People are shouting from the parking lot - the building, the building! See the building and the control.
14. I am the 5 person out of the woods. Finish strong but a bit frustrated on blowing the Go control. They moved the String O stuff after my blunder.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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