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Race Evaluation

ROC - Webster Park Night-O: Blue


1. R 1 mostly trail run
2. P R 2 chose a more direct route, but got pushed off line in the smei open field to the west
3. misinterpreted indistinct trails and overshot just a touch.
4. D 3 +02:00all trails, but there was a rats nest of them. Made a 180 degree error but caught it quickly
5. R 2 all trails - chose not to bushwchack swamps
6. 2 went around swamp to south
7. 2 direct route was out due to large area of green
8. P R lights from cabin helped out for the bushwhacking portion of this leg
9. D R +04:00lost the trails north of the cabin, veered east and wound up back at #7. Felt like biggest error of night.
10. P D P R direct line - across marsh. Worked out well
11. R 2 back across marsh on same line as previous control then road run
12. R 2 struggled with route choice on this. probably should have gone back to the road as it would have given me a better line into the control
13. 1 east trails
14. D 4 left trail too soon near control and wound up on the ridge to the west. The fence helped me redirect
15. P R 5 probably hardest control of night. Forced to attack from west when I could not find the right trails coming out of #14. Lot of traffic in the area of the control helped a bit.
16. 2 up to my knees on the creek crossing
F. 2 cramping up by this point

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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