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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase:


1. Did not plan ahead
Followed others
Followed the horde. Had to wait in a long line for the punch. When I looked at my watch, I literally was in line for about a minute waiting to punch.
2. Followed others
I sprint down the hill to try and gain some time back. Just followed the leaders. Only about a 10 second wait for the punch here.
3. Followed others
Still trying to pick up speed and gain some time back, I catch up to some good company, including Peter Thompson, Pam James, Peggy Dickison, Brad Whitmore, and others. This is the first time I really had a chance to study the map and I wonder for about a good half minute why everyone is heading South instead of North, and then it dawns on me that the numbers have been put on the map upside down. The main group I'm following goes a little too far east on the stream/ditch and we have to come back. When considering the time wasted waiting for the punch and the time needed to travel back down to the bag, I've lost about 30 seconds here.
4. Followed others
Just followed the leaders.
5. Followed others
I try and gulp as quickly as possible (but note, I'm not in the official Beer Category, but rather, the "other" category--i.e. soda) so that I can stay with some of the top runners. After all, I'm trying to follow Francis Hogle's constant advice of paying respect to the top runners by letting them lead the way. The strategy works well because I leave the Beer Stand following, in close order, Clem McGrath, Pam James and Brad Whitmore. When we get to the trail North of the hill with the control, I have to make a decision on which runner(s) I'm going to follow as Clem and Pam generally take a bee line approach and head straight for the control while Brad seems to head a little further left and contour around. I choose to follow Clem and Pam.
6. Followed others
Still following Clem and Pam. By the time I punch, I don't see Brad behind us anymore.
7. Followed others
Still following Clem and Pam and let them lead me in.
8. Followed others
Pam goes low while Clem goes a little higher. Pam seems to gain a little ground at this point, but Clem's still in the lead.
9. Tired
I'm starting to get a little tired at this point and it seems that Clem and Pam gain some more ground.
10. Read map too late
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
While heading out of the Beer Stand, I pick up the map for Loop B again, and the race organizers have to stop me before heading out in order to get the correct map. I've lost about 10 seconds, but more importantly, Pam just disappeared from sight (Clem is already long since gone), so now I'm on my own and have to do the orienteering on my own. Dang, I hate it when that happens! Quickly glancing at the map, I see that control "16" is to the right and control 14 is to the left. However, instead of thinking logically and realizing that there are only 14 total controls on the course, I still head to 14 instead of 16 because it is the lower number, right? Then about 50 meters from 14, I see Clem "exiting" from the control (It would turn out that he made the same mistake). Still not thinking logically, I say to myself "Man, he ran that last loop fast." Then when I get to the bag, and realize it is not the "next" control code I need to punch on my card, it dawns on me that I'm at the wrong control, DUHHH. But still not willing to let intelligent thoughts take over I start toward the trail West of 14 and start cheating toward 11. However, by the time I get to the trail, I FINALLY realize that, hey, I should be heading to number 10 next and that the control I thought was 16 is actually 10 with just sloppy handwriting that makes it look like a 16. A steady stream of expletives leaves my mouth. But wait, the fun isn't over. When I finally get to control 10, the control code doesn't match my card. The actual bag says CN whereas the card says LN. Has the course setter put out an extra control to fool us? I waste about 20 seconds looking down the reentrant and then just gamble that it's another handwriting translation error (a handwritten C can easily look like an L, right?) and punch. Thank goodness, I was right, for once. Since, I only have a split from 9 to 11, it is difficult to calculate precisely lost time. However, I estimate it was close to about 3:50
11. Bad compass work
I shoot a little too far left of the spur and Brad Whitmore passes me on his way to 12 while I head back. Time lost about 40 seconds.
12. Lacked confidence
Right to the hilltop, but in usual fashion I get extremely close to the control, don't see it, doubt myself and head back down the hill on the opposite side to make sure I'm in the right place. When I confirm I'm in the right place, I climb back up and there's the bag. It's a good thing it wasn't a snake or it would have bitten me when I got there the first time. Since I now realize I can't catch anyone anymore, I just decide to maintain my place and not let anyone slip by me. Time lost about 3:00
13. Straight over the top of the hill and right to it.
14. Right down the long reentrant/ditch to the control. No problems, but I should hope not, since I've been here once already.
F. Had to wait a couple of seconds to make sure the cars were going to stop, but no real problem. Still, regardless of all of my mistakes, I had a good time and am looking forward to next year's race.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:10

Split Analysis

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