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Race Evaluation

Calgary Bus Trip #1: Sulphur Springs Long


1. +00:45Lost 32 seconds running back to start to grab a control card, then 15 seconds being hesitant approaching control as I had forgot to pace count and thought I might have passed it.
2. Aimed off 100m to left, recognized stream bend as per plan.
3. Ran S through white woods and climbed over hill above cliff. Easy to recognize large field to NE of control.
4. Aimed off 100m to right.
8. Up to campground road system immediately, cut corner when road headed west.
9. +00:15Climbed early, white woods were actually light green.
11. +00:10Went a bit right before I noticed re-entrant to my left.
14. Climbed straight up to the road thru the green which was really white. Smoked Mark on this leg.
F. +00:15Meant to go straight, but went too right and was expecting to drop more so found myself in screen green area before I realized I was missing the clearing.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:25

Split Analysis

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