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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series #2 - UWS Parrramatta: Splits


1. Easy road run to start
2. +00:10Started going the right way, then doubled back to get under the canopy. But that wasn't the right way.
3. Left was good
4. +00:05Wow - there is a whole old building on the photo. Must be way out of date. Lost time at 4 looking for the punch which was up a tree.
5. Uphill altho it doesn't look it. Planned 6, didn't see the "9" trap.
6. Decided to play safe to the right
7. Probably could have got through on the straight line; the greens on this map need clarification
8. Easy
9. Again uphill
10. Misread the description as bottom of steps, so was a bit confused when I got there and it was on top of them
11. +00:05Went around unmapped garden beds
12. Not sure what the point was here
13. I think 11-13 would have been better; this was too easy
14. Wrong place. Wasted 20 seconds making sure. Andrew Lumsden pointed it out to me as we went to 15.
15. +00:05Again went around unmapped garden beds
16. +00:05A bit slow coming through the buildings, I went through the northern pass not the southern one as I thought. The photo is out of date again.
17. And again a new building
18. +00:05Held up by Ross Barr who only found the punch when I got there
19. One last tricky control
20. Easy
F. Easiest

Total Time Lost - 00:00:35

Split Analysis

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