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Race Evaluation

Calgary Bus Trip #1: Sulphur Springs Long


1. +00:15Hesitant - thought I'd over run it. Too much recent competition on 1:10000:-)
2. +01:00Aimed off and hit stream bend as planned. But poor vegetation mapping confused the bejeebers out of me
3. South though forest - should have taken trail
5. +00:30Ran nicely to cliff - but again vegetation was poorly mapped and led me astray
7. +00:30Bad map reading - are my eyes going??
8. +00:30Got bored running on the trails so cut into the swamp. Regretable.
9. +00:30Enjoyed running in forest too much to take the faster road
11. +00:30Isn't the re-entrant higher than that???
13. +00:10Goofed the attack - went in too early
14. +00:30Went low because it looked more fun. Going up undoubtedly faster

Total Time Lost - 00:04:25

Split Analysis

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