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Race Evaluation



1. +00:30First race I felt I could run better than 90%. Ran with a knee pad/support. Mentally a bit rusty. Boomed to the left - poked around the rocks near the trail junction
2. Did not like map
Came across a huge trail that wasn't on the map. Later find out this is the old map. Lost some time trying to figure it out.
4. +05:00This one was my fault. Found the platform, could not read the boulders into the circle. Sense of distance off. Way rusty
8. Lower trail to bend past platform
9. Thru the start. Trying to determine if the knee pad is slowing me down. Trying to determine if the left leg is weaker than the right leg.
10. Cliff then handrail along the dark laurel
11. Did not like map
Not thinking clearly
Try to contour around dark green. Then get confused in trail network -- think its wrong, still don't realise this is the old map. Tenative attacking as I wasn't sure where I was, just that I was at the correct contour on that hill.
13. trail
14. Did not like map
Trail to junction. Decide to go around green. Run into huge parking lot and playground that is not on the map. Ok, this stuff looks kinda new. Head the general direction of the control using the contours. Hit huge unmapped trail. Now two things are wrong. Relocate, figure another unmapped trail, and compass to the control.
15. Lack of training over the past month taking its toll. Another unmapped trail near the circle, but I finally am used to it ...
F. Not a very good showing today, but at least my knee seems fine. I seem to have lost more mentally and physcially than I would have liked to, tho I can blame the map for some of it, I guess

Total Time Lost - 00:15:00

Split Analysis

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