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Race Evaluation

2008 Laramie Daze & US Champs: US Champs Green X


2. +00:30Missed left and ran right by it, somehow not seeing the flag. Not a good start.
3. Straight up the spur.
4. +03:00Ran along the open area SE to the corner where it turns S, then drifted too far left and started looking for it too soon, checking out the boulder clusters N of the circle. Didn't know for sure where I was until I dropped into the reentrant due E of the point.
5. Crossed the reentrant left of the line and then went E below the rocks, using the prominent spur just W of the circle to attack and spike it.
6. +00:30Got drawn off to the bigger rocks on the south edge of the circle. Knew it was wrong before I got there, but quickly checked it anyway.
7. Used the reentrant right of line.
8. +04:00My route to 8 is classified information.
9. A little hesitation, not seeing it immediately, but didn't really lose more than some seconds.
10. Easy, maximizing time in the yellow.
11. Crossing the marsh, I found what was probably the only water anywhere on the map. Otherwise easy.
12. Pretty straight.
13. On line across the "bay", hitting the spur just to the right of the circle.
14. Using the white-yellow border as I climbed out the reentrant.
15. Could see it from far away.
F. All I could do to keep jogging.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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