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Race Evaluation

DVOA ,Iron Hill Newark DE: RED


2. from trail bend
3. +01:00down to trail, but only used it for 50m
4. +09:00almost straight to trail bend on 2nd trail, didn't see depressions, did see stone pile, contour climbing a little, unmarked trail going about my way, off when it drops, turn left at spur thinking I was high, wandered trying to make sense of depressions, other wanderers are heading too low, I go back up 3 min later I stumble on it. It may be right, but I'm not confident.
5. see depression pair
6. +03:00from trail bend, must pass a little s of it before I go into my search pattern
7. +00:20high
9. +03:30to trail then confused
10. +00:20got over to stream
12. stay high
13. +01:00trail around right
15. from trail bend, ignoring unmarked trail
16. +00:45seems like there was an extra trail from clearing

Total Time Lost - 00:18:55

Split Analysis

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