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Attackpoint - performance and training tools for orienteering athletes

Race Evaluation



1. Run to powerline. Try to cut off some trail but realize it is too thick. Backtrack to trail and run trail around.
2. No idea what is going on - turns out it is an unmapped trail. Somehow see the control in the distance but when I climb to it - no control. Look to right and see it.
3. Come in a little right of control.
4. Must have taken it easy to this one - long time, but no major error. Take trail to below control. Come in a bit left of control.
5. To trail junction and then over to control.
6. Trail.
7. Trail to ditch.
8. Follow ditch to Trail 2. Come in above control.
9. See the best way to attack this now - through the start. However, I straight line it and end up in crap near the powerline. Then end up right below the start. Use this to relocate and head to trail and to the control.
10. Trail to road to control area.
11. Trail bewlow creek. Then up hill to control area. A bit scuffy in here and end up a bit to the left.
12. Steep angle to control. Almost slid out of shoes.
13. Trail to clearing and then left on trail. Mess this up a bit and keep ending up at long skinny hill top. Finally move far enough to the right.
14. Trail to area with new playground. I am also confused in this area, but somehow save myself. and find the control.
15. Up to road and then fitness trail to little trail above control. Running out of steam.
16. To fitness trail and Observation platform - didn't mean for that to happen. Long run throught parking lot.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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