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Race Evaluation



1. Took the trail to the left, then cut in from the intersection. Spike.
2. +00:05Basically straight, hitting the trail, then some semi-open area which I think was not quite the one on the map. Should have been looking for the stony ground leading into the control, but wasn't paying attention to the rock features yet. Some hesitation.
3. Straight down to the trail.
4. +00:20Took the trail down to the right, cutting up just after 16, then making my way through the green. A little slow and off in the green.
5. Basically straight, but a little to the right of the line, trying to stay on the sloping part of the ridge.
6. +00:27Stopped for 27 seconds to stretch my calves; arches were giving me some slight twinges.
7. Went to the left of the line.
8. +01:05Went back through #5 (how many times will I be running on this same slope??) and stopped for 100 to tie my shoes right after hitting 5. Hit the ridge a little bit left of the control.
9. +01:30Was about to spike the control, but somehow didn't see it when I was standing 20 feet away. Searched around a bit and found the cliffs to the east of the control, then went straight in.
10. +00:30Took 45 to drink some water after punching #9. Got to 10, didn't see the control (was, I think, 1 cliff to high up), so ran down the ridge a little ways before turning around and seeing the control.
11. Straight.
12. Straight.
13. Went way to the left of the line, climbing straight up the reentrant the control is in.
14. Went back out the same way I came in to 13, then went left around #5 (again!) and slogging through the green, coming out on the ridge with the cliffs at the clearing.
15. +00:10Straight. Didn't see the control coming into it, so some few seconds looking around being confused.
16. Straight-ish.
17. Straight.
18. Straight-ish.
19. Took 45 to down two more cups of water. Straight-ish. Maybe I dropped too low; in any case, climbing the hill up to the control was slow, probably I lost some time there. 20 maybe?
20. Basically straight, being sure to stay right so as to hit the trail.
21. +00:30Slightly left over the hill, and came out on the cliffs way too far left.
22. Trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:37

Split Analysis

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