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Race Evaluation

Calgary Grand Prix: Fish Creek Park West


1. +00:45Chatting with John Day in mass start, following Bill & Olav. Suddenly Bill & Olav diverge - who would you follow? Duh! Note to self: follow Olav next time
2. Straight up hill. Caught Olav who went around
3. +00:10Hesitation near control
4. +02:30Tired of following. Took dumb route on south side of river
5. +00:30Over-shot control
6. +03:00Is that my control up on the hill?? Didn't even bother to check. Understand some people never actually punched it, eh TN?
7. To right of hill - perhaps a bit slower than the left??
9. Straight up hill. Lucky to find some unmapped trails

Total Time Lost - 00:06:55

Split Analysis

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