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Race Evaluation

LGOC Lac Mulvhill: Long advanced


1. Up the hill, right down trail, into the woods and ran way passed control - with others doing same.
2. Out to parkways until tiny marsh by control.
3. SW towards big marsh/pond and out the south end.
4. SW up and over the high ground.
5. W to trail then off trail in middle of descent though didn't go high enough 'til I saw Liza Pye adventure racer who I'd caught at previous controls.
6. S to trail, then to parkway and N at marsh sighting.
7. Sprinting down rocky descent from #6, I crashed hard on my crap knee and thought I was out of action but hobbled down to parkways. Checked out knee as I ran grass shoulder. Swore as Ms Pye flew by and verbally pined for that ground speed that I once had. We dropped roadside W into depression but I lead us far, far right of control circle. If I screw up this bad (63 minutes) enough times I might finally learn not to have conversations while racing O. I spent ages relocating 250m N of control and 200m SE control. I had decided to bail & go geocaching when I heard voices obviously discussing the control & guess who was there, having started just before me - Richard.
8. E 'cross parkway overland, somehow missed crossing perpendicular trail which really confused my arrival at real trail until I saw runner running at me and then checked compass, did 180, back SE down trail, began descent then went straight N over land, arrived right on control.
9. N along hill side to nasty raspberry creek crossing, long trail run. I was way passed exhaustion having been out so long w/o water or calories. Saw runner come off 9 that I'd seen going against me enroute to 8.
10. Messed 'round high ground near #10 w/ so many rocks and rockpiles.
11. However, I had bearing already set for head down running to #11. Having the wrong number on the control was not good but even me this tired was confident w/ control placement.
12. I intentionally left WSW towards TCTrail and then N of pond/trail overland but should have been more confident running towards control. Exhaustion was taking over.
13. Jumped N to trail Colin has marked red on this map to parkway which I left far too early and again was too tired to keep going, hesitated all the way to control.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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