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Race Evaluation

UNO Annual Camping Weekend: Red Day 1


1. A little left of line and saw the cove, then pretty much straight on compass
2. Across the road and up the hilltops, stopping just short to re-check the map.
3. +03:00on compass and on line, checking off spur and streamber, and up long knoll in front of control, but got confused by dot knolls and stopped short, then wandered right until I could see the marsh and then back.
4. +04:00Across hill right of green patch, then on compass, but drifted in the marsh and crossed S of knoll S of control, then up streambed until it got close to the bigger hill and then S again through dryish pond and to control.
5. +03:00On compass up the hill and into reentrant NE of correct one, attempted to cross intervening spur, but turned around and back into same reentrant, then distracted by Clint and uphill too far and left before relocating on hill at the top.
6. NW to trail and NW on trail to sharp bend, angling downhill to cross marshy area above Linear Pond, and up reentrant to trail. On compass through pond and uphill to spike control.
7. +02:00More or less on compass, across the two reentrants, but then drifted left across the top and sucked into a reentrant lower down and W off control. Fairly quick recovery.
8. Generally a pretty good leg, if slow. On compass downhill to stream below Tooth Pond, crossing just N of lower stonewall, then stung by a wasp on the uphill. Yikes! To the trail and N to the bend, E checking off ponds and marshes, cutting the corner into the reentrant W of the control and over the spur, spiking it.
9. SE on compass, crossing ridge past green marsh at saddle N of wall end, across marsh and wider spur, aiming for pond N of control, but came out too low and found large boulder NW of control, stopped to look at map for a bit, but then right in.
10. On compass aiming for marsh W of control, hitting right on at large boulder near marsh and then right in.
11. NNE to the left of green marsh and Incredible Pond. Really nasty going, a line or so above pond edge, dropping into the control.
12. Really hard to get through huge rocks and out of #11. Then S along edge of Upper hold and past huge rock and end of stonewall, angling from there to southern pond edge and in along the knoll.
13. On hill tops, keeping an eye on linear marsh to the left, checking things off and aiming for the place where the marsh sticks out to the W and in.
14. S to the trail, trail to control.
15. Trail, road and cutting in before the field. A little wait for the control as Neil Faiman consulted his map with punch in hand.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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