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Race Evaluation

DVOA Training Weekend - Hickory Run: Red Course


1. Tired going up first hill. Road then trail for 50 m then west across hilltop. Got a bit tangled in green before giving it a wider berth and going around.
2. On compass and hit it right on, but tripped and fell into the depression on my back and felt like a turtle.
3. +03:00Tried to make it easy by going out to trail and to corner, then on compass, but hit rocky area right of control and didn't know which side I was on. Guessed wrong and went right until I saw marsh and then back. Slow going in the rocky areas.
4. Drifted uphill more than I realized. Found orange control 59 at stream coming out of the marsh on the powerline, but thought I was further south, so it was a surprise how long it took me to get there.
5. On compass, except for when I got sucked off to the right a bit by a control from another course, but straightened out and got it ok
6. Straight - just slow
7. Tried to go south to the trail, but very thick going and kept drifting left, hitting powerline first. Didn't know how big the stream was, so went down to rte 534, cutting the corner at the bottom. Stream was only ankle deep. Then along road to spur that led to control.
8. +02:00NE to cross stream at bend, then hilltops to cross N of marsh on N-S stream and on compass. A little right of control and hit the pond above it, so had to go back down.
9. E to road near junction. Jon Campbell passed me. on road E to bend, then up through marshes.
10. S-SE. Not as white as it was mapped, but ok. Straight across. Hit a little left of control but could read the area ok.
11. Stayed high until just before the trail, dropping down near the trail bend and taking trail S, then along higher ground again before dropping down below marsh and straight in. Jon C passed me again.
12. Very tired and a bit discouraged by the long legs remaining. Mostly on compass, but drifted right and crossed stream. Knew exactly where I was and crossed below marsh on N-S stream and above marsh on EW stream, counting spurs and right in from the E.
13. N to the elusive stone wall where I got hurt last night and which I was never sure of on the ground in the dark. Then across and on trail for a bit to vicinity of small pond in the depression, then N across steeper reentrant and along green until I could see the knoll. Knoll was very distinctive, so easier than I had feared.
14. E to NW corner of field and through N edge of field and up through cabins.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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