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Race Evaluation

UO5-St.Edward & Big Finn Hill: 3 (long)


2. looked down a couple paths too early - but not as many as Bill and Eric!
6. Following the international symbol for road I tried to go through Subdivision then go down slope (white area) to creek then on to path and uphill to control area. Rationale - Why run down a road when you can spend time in the forest? Besides, I can run down a road any day (a common theme for me this wknd) + I had new O shoes with studs on. Turned out I couldn't get through that way as the area was not a public road but a private driveway with private properties blocking my entrance to the forest. Respecting private property, O Club's relationship with landowners/neighbours, and American's right to bare arms, after three unsuccesful attempts to get through I back tracked to the north end of the subdivision then went via the road. By the time I got off the road I had 2 nice blisters from the new studs on pavement.
7. went a bit too far down the slope and missed the indistinct path to the control. Had to bash through the woods and hit path.
8. 30 seconds for water.
9. missed stub trail and went up other trail towards #10.
10. missed "distinct" path that led up slope to control. Decided to head straight up the slope anyways. Topped out in the WORST messs of salal, Devil's Club, Blackberry, and Stinging Nettles I have ever experienced in 23 years of oreinteering. Of course I found myself in someone's back yard and as per comments above, backtracked through the same user friendly vegetation back down to path. Went left 50m then saw train of orienteers staggering up a slope. Followed them up on very "distinct" path up slope to control.
11. Feet sore from blisters, body stinging from nettles and Devil's club. Mentally finished and out of the race. Feet made sorer by additional pavement running
14. Took long route through forest on trails as thought of running on more pavement not all that enticing...why run on roads when you can run on trails....
F. Somehow misread map and went out to road despite my desires to stay off of pavement

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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