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Race Evaluation

OOC Stoney Swamp West: Long intermediate (training course)


1. +05:30Was I dumb enough to chase after the novice racers and their novice controls which surrounded the controls I needed? D'oh, more than eight minutes to go 160 metres.
4. Having already run this leg, it better be faster the second time.
7. +02:00I over ran this control 100m.
9. This was a nice long trail run.
10. I fell off the trail but still got there by compass reasonably quickly.
11. Having been here, I knew where the control was and directed Eric but then beat him and Andrew there and proceeded to trip, fall flat and take out control stand. How embarrassing!
12. In the earlier map, I'd had a hard time with bearing from here. I was also feeling wiped out so I intentionally took long (navigationally simple) trail run coming back at control from NE.
13. This was another nice long trail run. How many times have we visited this rusted out swing set that's still standing as an orienteering control?
14. +01:00Keeping it simple I went N to Robertson Road and ran down the shoulder but over ran the former residence by 50m.
15. I got stuck in the green.
16. I had hoped to exit back east, then race trail along quarry edge but I ended up west on trail and then cut through forest.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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