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Race Evaluation

London Night Series #4: Wimbledon Common: Night-O Long


1. P +02:30Very disappointing start: came round the north side of the pond and doing so was the riskier option, setting me on the wrong vector for the control. Explored the wrong area (by about 50m) for about two minutes.
2. D R +01:30A second mistake. Had visualised that I would drift round the end of the mound, but ended up trying to climb it, aborting due to brambles and then going over the top and heading south rather than west. Had a plan - didn't stick to it.
3. P D R Back in to it with 4th on this leg - joint best of the run. Good route choice and on pace.
4. R +00:15Changed plan halfway through the leg, having started too ambitiously contouring round then over-correcting and heading too far into the open. Net neutral. Could have been quicker on the actual control site by the pond.
5. R +00:30Good pace, but didn't spot the detail in my plan, turning south too early and overshooting the control on the wrong path.
6. P +00:45A bit too hesitant on this one. Happy to stick to the path and attackpoint leading me to the control very quickly, but took too long to get moving.
7. D P R Pleased: difficult leg and nailed the navigation.
8. Faster on this one: back where I'd been before.
9. Cut round the outside, which was a slower choice but got the control easily.
10. +03:30Very annoying. Slight hesitation on the route in, but then nailed… control #11. Spent way too long looking for #10 which is annoying given most other people complained the other way round.
11. Fourth fastest again, but then I'd been here before!
12. Back on it. Fast up the hill and straight to 12.
13. +01:30Non-consensus route choice over the hill and down the track, but quick on the approach. The vegetation boundary I'd anticipated as my catching feature wasn't there. According to my GPS trail, I probably passed within about 5m of it without seeing it!
F. R Could have been quicker in, but hesitated on my route choice.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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